Leather hybrid holsters have remained very popular with most gun holders due to their numerous advantages over the available alternatives. These types of holsters are usually made of leather and Kydex, which are two materials that are not only durable but are also great for IWB (Inside the Waistband) holsters. But why are these holsters popular with gun holders? Well, we are sharing with you some of the advantages of leather hybrid holsters.
Here are the main advantages of hybrid holsters by an expert on the best kydex iwb holster:

Leather Hybrid Holsters
Leather Hybrid Holsters
  1. Stability
    One of the biggest advantages of leather hybrid holsters is stability. When carrying a weapon, you need to ensure that it is firm and adequately fastened. That is what you get from hybrid holsters. The holster fastens to the belt at two different points with the two clip sides wide apart. That is what creates a super stable holster in the waistband. Note that there are single clip hybrids that also offers excellent stability. So with these holsters, you will not find your gun shifting around or tilting within the waistband with hybrid holsters.
  2. Comfort
    One of the features that gun holders look for in holsters is a comfort. With a good leather hybrid holster, you will be quite comfortable carrying the gun around. Hybrid holsters are usually made with a larger backer pressing against your body compared to most of the available alternative options. The materials used (leather and Kydex) do not cause skin irritation like a Pancake Holster.
  3. Customization
    Hybrid holsters are highly customizable. If you have bought a good hybrid, you have unlimited ability to adjust your gun retention. You can easily adjust the cant and the depth, making it perfect for a range of users as well as different body types.
  4. Predictable Gun Position
    he stability offered by hybrid holsters means that you can always predict your gun location. If you are in places where you need to remove your gun swiftly to defend yourself or you are hunting, then the predictability of gun location is crucial. So with these holsters, you can draw the gun quickly when needed.
    There are many reasons why leather hybrid holsters are popular with gun holders. You will enjoy better stability and comfort if you invest in a quality hybrid holster