Following the recent school shootings, many parents have opted to consider purchasing bulletproof backs for their kids. The recent attacks in Dayton, Ohia, Texas, and Paso have shocked a lot of people and started a debate over gun control.

If you are considering to get a bulletproof backpack for you ar your loved one, there are several things you should know about them.

What bullet proof manufacturers claim these backpacks can do: These backpacks are made bulletproof by a flexible ballistic fiber material. Manufacturers purport that these backpacks comply with level IIIA standards for body armor, developed by the National Institute of Justice. It means that backpack armor panels should be strong enough to repel most handgun shots. By being Level IIIA standards-compliant, the material should be designed to stop 7.62 mm full metalcore rifle rounds.

How much does a bullet backpack cost?

Bulletproof backpacks range in a price of between $200-$500. Some companies sell bullet-resistant inserts for regular bags at about $99. However, buying many inserts and putting them together won’t offer enough protection.

How efficient are bulletproof backpacks?

Bulletproof backpacks work under specific conditions. For example, during a test carried in NorthJersey, the bullet-resistant material held out against shots from a 9mm handgun. However, the rounds went straight to the bag and to the sand behind it when M4 rifle was fired. Therefore, bulletproof backpacks are not designed to resist rifle fire. The velocity and kinetic energy of a rifle bullet are higher than that of a handgun.

Bulletproof backpacks don’t last for a Longtime. They expire after a short period of time, probably five years. If you leave them to the sun, the backpacks damage very fast.

These backpacks may be tested using the NIJ standards but are not verified or certified by the agency. The rules are used in other independent facilities. Also, note that a child may not be able to hold the backpack in a way that protects them better.