Would you like to flatten your belly in seven days? Maybe you have a pending special occasion and you need to get it done in a hurry. Or, you’ve bought a gorgeous new dress that you’re dying to show off, but you need to lose a few inches in the waist first.

Fortunately for you there are some things you can do to change that in a hurry. You can be looking stunning in that new dress in no time at all by applying a few easy steps.

Cut Down On High-Calorie Foods and Drink More Fluids

The first thing you’ll need to do is reduce your calorie intake. This will force your body to start burning that excess fat stored up in the layers of your belly. Next, you’ll need to reduce the amount of food you eat, and start drinking more water.

Drinking more water serves two purposes – it helps you feel full so you want to be tempted to eat as much or often; and it helps convert fat to energy. Water is also instrumental in moving badly needed nutrients throughout the body to help regulate your metabolism. A stable metabolism prevents the body from storing up all that excess fat in the first place.

When you don’t drink enough water, your body’s first inclination is to bloat to compensate. Also, your face will begin to sink and wrinkles will set in, making you look older than you are.

Try Detoxing

Instead of a cup of coffee, why not begin your day with a nice, tall, refreshing glass of lemon water. Lemon water is one of the quickest and easiest ways to eliminate belly fat.

Lemon water helps flush toxins from your liver and the liver is the chief organ responsible for breaking down body fat. That is why when the liver isn’t functioning properly, you encounter serious medical problems. So help your liver to function properly by adding lemon water to your diet.

Eat Lots of Hydrated Fruits Like Watermelon

Watermelon is more than 90 percent water, so it doesn’t take much to make you feel full. So it is a good idea to eat watermelon before each meal and before bed time, as it will make you feel full without adding all those excess calories. But, watermelon is a natural flush, so you don;t have to worry about water retention.

Add a Few Exercises to Your Regimen

Let’s face it, if you really want to burn away that belly fat quickly you’ll have to exercise some. So, if you’re really serious about looking great in that new dress, you’re gonna have to work at it.

Start with a combination of cardio and exercise targeting your abs, like crunches and situps.

For cardio, try jogging and skipping rope. But let’s face it, you’re gonna have to go at it pretty hard too, if you want to accomplish your goal in seven days. But it’s gonna be worth it because, at the end of the seven days, you’re gonna look stunning in that new dress.