The chemistry industry is the industry that deals with one of the most important thinkers in science, Sir Humphry Davy. This company is responsible for providing people with a way to understand how their bodies function. They also are in charge of supplying a variety of different beauty products.

One of the firs chemistry companies to really make an impact in the beauty industry was L’Oreal. The CEO and current chairman, Lindsay Owen-Jones, was distraught after his daughter died from leukemia at the age of three years old. He formed a new company to further fund research into cancer treatments and cures for other diseases that could be fatal without chemotherapy treatment.

Extensive genetic research and development, spread across several countries, is finally coming to fruition. Although the structure of DNA was discovered in 1953, the science of genetics did not really start to progress until around 1990 when it became possible to understand the structure of genetic information on a molecular level. This understanding gave rise to the science of genetic engineering. Now scientists are able to isolate genes associated in some way with specific diseases and either turn them off or replace them with their healthy counterparts (Reiss).


I am proud to say that I am a member of this company even though it does not make beauty products like toothbrushes and hairbrushes for people like me. These products are much more important because they use a lot of science to make sure that they work the best they can and therefore help people in such a difficult way. This company also helps people from all over the world get access to life-saving treatments so that everyone can live longer and healthier lives. These treatments do not cost much at all, compared to other once-per-year prescriptions, so this company is definitely trying to take care of all of us with their great products and amazing services.