Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled us to develop intrusion detection systems that enable us to provide extra security measures to our homes. You can know when an intruder breaks into your home via your smartphone despite how away you might be.

In case of an intruder getting detected by the motion sensor, it activates the camera whereby it captures the intruder’s image entering your home. This image is sent to you since you’re the authorized user via an email to your mobile phone or personal computer whereby you can access it. This is made possible since the camera module is usually interfaced to the Raspberry Pi which is connected to your Wi-Fi at home.

Invasion intrusion detection system also plays an important role as it raises the alarm that alerts everyone around that someone is breaking into your home. It will also alert you through a message which part of your home is being broken into using short message service (SMS). This is made possible since it has motion sensors in all the rooms in your house.

The best thing about intrusion detection system is that all this information is sent in real-time enabling you to take the appropriate action necessary.

Security is very important especially when it comes to keeping you safe at home. This is due to it prevents burglars from breaking into your homes and stealing important documents from you. It also helps you to avoid situations whereby you might get harmed in-case they try to break into your home at night when you and your family are asleep.