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The American Way of Life


You’ll find that America is regarded as a place where there are a lot of opportunities, independence, as well as freedom. Here you’ll find that anybody can grow up and become the President, or even congress member as all it takes for you to reach there is hard work. It’s usually referred to as the American dream.
You’ll realize that an individual has to always strive to achieve his goals and is not supposed to rest. You have to portray the following characters for you to achieve the American way of life:
• Good character

• Self-reliant

• Be optimistic

• Ambitious

• Hardworking
You’ll find that Americans always go out there to help people who are suffering around the globe. Another special thing about Americans is that they’re always there striving to improve themselves in their respective careers. This makes them discover new things that help them improve their lives. You’ll also find that Americans have an ideology whereby you have to offer a service for you to make that money or even achieve that success in your life.
Another special thing that makes American life to be very special is that there are people who value morals very much. Issues of morality are looked at plainly and simply.
In the American way of life, you’ll find that they discourage corruption very much. A corrupt government official is usually convicted and hefty fines imposed on him whereby he might serve many years in prison. This is meant to discourage corruption in government institutions hence giving everyone equal opportunity.

The American dream has been justified whereby you’ll find that someone like Barrack Obama rose from a common person through the ranks to become the Senator and eventually becoming the President of the USA.

Different Types of Rifles

A rifle refers to a long-barreled portable firearm that you use to shoot in the long-range. The barrel usually has rifling that makes it possible for the bullet to spin and then stabilize as it’s being fired. When shooting you have to hold it with both hands as you brace it against the shoulder to be stable. Rifles are mostly used during wars, for hunting, as well as to enforce the law in other instances. Some people as well use them for shooting sports.

Some of the commonly used rifles are:

• Remington 700 SPS Bolt Action
• AK-47

It’s a gas-operated rifle. This type of rifle was developed in the Soviet Union. It’s a very popular model due to its reliability whereby it’s able to work under harsh conditions. It also cheap compared to other rifles developed from western countries.

Some of its features are:

• The AK-47 rifle weighs about 4.7 kg.
• It has a barrel length of about 415 mm.
• It has a rotating bolt that is capable of firing 600 bullets per minute
• It fires a cartridge at a speed of 710 meters per second

This type of rifle is very advanced in its design. The Remington 700 SPS Bolt Action gun has the following features:
• It has a 20-heavy barrel
• You’ll also find that it has an externally adjustable trigger on it
• This type of gun is made using a durable black metal
• Another special thing about this rifle is that it has a floor-plate magazine that is hinged
• It also has flash hiders that are threaded as well as a muzzle brake.

Rifles are important weapons that help us maintain security in times of wars or law enforcement duties.